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Vivere Marsala

In recent years the tourist to choose his destination is no longer seeking general information , not first visit the tourist offices , tour operators or travel agencies, do not consult pamphlets or brochures. Search for " Why".
Marsala has perceived these new trends activating a radical change in the concept of tourism planning.
Choose a holiday in Marsala is always linked to a "why" , 365 days a year, from a vacation at sea nautical tourism and fishing, a full immersion in the great tradition of the wine to the great culinary traditions , the modern history linked Garibaldi and the unification of Italy and the large diffusion archaeological heritage seeping out from every corner of the city and the territory on.

Marsala is "land experience".
But Marsala is not only to be visited as well as "Live 365 a year." Events and shows for all tastes, all ages and for all seasons.
International Music Festival, international sporting events related to sailing, kite surfing, canoeing and windsurfing, concerts and theater performances, festivals and events related to the culinary traditions of the area, a thriving cultural activity with the presence of international artists, shopping Italian style in the hundreds elegant windows of a large open-air shopping center.
The choice of hotels in Marsala goes against the trend. First you need to choose to live Marsala, after you choose a room overlooking the sea, vineyards or view domes, you could choose a room from 1 to 5 stars among the many bed and breakfasts, hotels, ecstacy, beams (country resort) common on one of the largest municipalities in Italy. In a nutshell stay in Marsala means choosing a large village common, or as we prefer to call it "OPEN CLUB" in the heart of the Mediterranean.
Marsala OPEN CLUB new formula for the new tourist

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