Bere e mangiare a Marsala - Ristoranti a Marsala - Bar a Marsala


Eat and Drink

One of the funniest things in a vacation is to discover the local cuisine and traditions.
Marsala has a lot to offer. On this page we offer tips to get the most flavor and taste.
The most important dish here is the cous cous of Arab origin but do not forget that our land , located in the heart of the Mediterranean , expresses all the flavors of the Mediterranean with local and seasonal produce , from sea to land surrounding Marsala , products arrive daily filled of taste and smell which give that added value to the work of the cooks to make our dishes inimitable.
Marsala offers restaurant located throughout the territory : those located on the waterfront to enjoy beautiful views of the Egadi islands , with those in the old town to soak in the history of the alleys . There are also restaurants in the country or those aboard boats in stagnone that combine taste with the excitement of seeing one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world.
In addition to traditional food lovers will also find a wide range of innovative culinary creations .. A culinary revolution that has occurred in the city in recent years is reflected in his signature cuisine Mediterranean . The high quality of the restaurants is undeniable.
But the flavors of our land are also found in the various bars, bakeries , caterers , pizzerias and pubs of the city. We invite you to experience the senses through tastes and smells